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Forthcoming in Summer 2024 from Moon Books...


Follow Mestra the Shapeshifter into sacred groves and over windswept seas, where ancient lyrical voices evoke forgotten worlds of peril and beauty. She invites you on a journey to re-enchant the world, discovering unforeseen landscapes where primeval spirits, nymphs, and priestesses dance together. Goddesses shelter mysteries here, watered by wellsprings of spiritual insight, nurtured by prophetic trees.


As a lovely mystical maiden who is also a cunning trickster, escape artist, and beast, Mestra is more than a figment of imagination. Exploring her myth evokes the deep foreknowing of Earth, the dynamic energy of wild creatures, and the pull of elemental forces. Her transformations call us to seasonal cycles of change and beckon us into the heart of nature's sacred powers.


Mestra embodies the vibrant potential for radical regeneration that dwells in the female psyche, accessible to us all.


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