When ancient goddesses, heroes, poets, and outcasts speak, they reveal lyrical
fragments of myth that first enchanted the sacred landscape.

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Staff Of Laurel 

by Dianna Rhyan

At the crossroads of nature and the human imagination, Earth is sentient, fertile, and eloquent. When ancient goddesses, outcasts, heroes, and poets speak, they speak on her behalf to reveal living myths that first enchanted sacred landscapes. Their primal stories emerge from wilderness and rise from buried libraries to jolt us awake. We meet a lone goddess battling fifty giants, a beguiling wife who is secretly a serpent, a radiant lyre about to sing her own poetry, and an ogre whose heart is his forest. When oaks and rivers call for justice, when furies and monsters counter king and plow, let us turn our ear to hear. As we listen, mythic fragments lead us from marble palaces to nymph-haunted gardens, on a quest that teems with strange immortals. Along the way, a goddess of desolation, a mistress of animals, ash tree spirits, and a trickster water god appear as guides. Primeval green wisdom emerges from abyss, forest, and borderland, hidden in myths we almost lost forever, in ancient images that say things we no longer can.

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in 2023

2022 Events

Presentations at Yoga Central in Canton:


Beneath the Maple, Beneath the Tree of Life

Saturday, July 16 at 1:00 pm. 

We will explore the most ancient mythology in existence about the Tree of Life, from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Egyptian Trees of Isis, Ishtar Goddess of the Date Palm, Aphrodite's Tree Nymphs, and the World Tree who grows beneath them all. (Eve and Lilith may show up too.) As we travel these mythic paths, our hostess and shade will be the Silver Maple whose beauty and inner being grace the NE corner of the Yoga Central lawn.

Donations for the event are going to the Ohio Forest Sanctuaries organization.

 A Forest-bathing Event (shinrin-yoku) coming up in May, June, and July. These are short nature talks, meditative walks, and gatherings around the fire for the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park.

Thoreau may have called it "sauntering," we might call it a slow, silent nature walk...but some call it forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Research shows the health benefits of forest bathing for stress reduction and balancing our all-too-busy minds and bodies. Meeting in the evening, the traditional time of rest and turning inward, we’ll use this simple practice to slow down and reconnect with the beauty and wonder of the green world. Afterwards, we’ll circle up around the campfire to sit in peace or share a few thoughts if you choose. Please bring a chair or blanket.

Dates and times:

Sunday May 15

Sunday June 12

Sunday July 10

7:00 to 8:30 PM


About Dianna Rhyan

Dianna Rhyan is a mythologist and therapist whose work focuses on forgotten voices, nature goddesses, and the spirituality of sacred landscapes. At the age of eight she created her first secret language on tablets of clay made from the creek beside her home. In time that language grew into a PhD in Ancient Greek and Latin, and thirty years of college teaching. She has been a visiting scholar on archaeological excavations in Greece and Cyprus, where she explored women's devotion to rural shrines, and investigated the ancient evidence for women's veils. When not delving into archaic myth or studying Sumerian, she can be found exploring the Cuyahoga Valley trails of Northeast Ohio.